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The Ultimate Ski Trip Packing Checklist...

What do I need for a ski trip? How much is enough? What is too much? What do I need and what’s superfluous? With the prospect of a week-long powder shredding bender, turning off your email, and après awaiting, you shouldn’t be deterred by packing for a ski trip.

If you’re flying for your ski vacation, then what you cart along is at the mercy of baggage weights and fees. Road trips can be much easier, since you can typically stuff it in all in your ride and roll out. However, the more challenging task is knowing what to bring on a multi-day trip which may involve some resort skiing combined with either a yurt trip, helicopter, snowcat or snowmobile to zip into a backcountry lodge.

The 4FRNT Team Riders have spent quite a bit of time straight up powder chasing throughout North America as well as in backcountry lodges, and sledding around the woods looking for features. The emblematic vagabond lifestyle of the ski bum culture thrives with this bunch – allowing us to take advantage of their insight.

We tapped into the crew to hear what they have to say about creating the most efficient ski trip packing list for whatever you may encounter on your trip. And while other influencers on social media may post pretty photos of their ski gear all neatly assigned on the floor, we know that never really happens. It’s usually a cluster of ski equipment tossed around on the floor with piles of laundry on the bed.

Ski Trip Essentials
It sort of goes without saying that you’ll need your ski gear, and if you’re planning on heading into the backcountry—beacon, shovel, probe, climbing skins and a backpack are all essentials for your safety when skiing in the backcountry. You can check out our '5-Steps to get Ready for Winter' blog HERE.

Outerwear, like ski pants and jacket are also a necessity. However, don’t go packing every mid-layer. Often times you can wear your warm puffy jacket while traveling, pack one mid-layer, and then toss in a flannel or two for roaming town or the bar—which can also be utilized as extra warmth on the mountain.

You’ll also need basic essentials like phone chargers, toothbrush, spare contact lenses, and set of street clothes, deodorant and the sort. But do remember to always double check yourself. Sometimes it helps to have a ski trip checklist for the basics.

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