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Accommodations: Les Suites - Lodge de la Montagne / Tours des Voyageurs

Date: March 25-31, 2021 
Minimum Number of participants on 20.

Transportation: Self drive / Car Pool

Lodging: March 25 - 30 2021- 6 Nights lodging at Les Suites - Tremblant Village 
Ski Tickets: 5 of 6 day all area lift Mt. Tremblant March 26 - 30, 2021, activities pass for Tremblant Resort.  

Non-skier / Ikon Pass deducts $210/person.  70+ skiers deduct $30.  

“First tracks” is added value to the lift ticket. Persons who are not taking a lift ticket are not necessarily entitled to a “first tracks” ticket.
Program includes: Pricing Options-Per Person

  • 6 nights lodging, 5 of 6-day lift, all taxes, and services.    

  • Hotel room

    • ​Single $1229, Double $779

  • Studio unit

    • Single $1369, Double $859

  • 1 BDRM Condo:

    • ​​Singled bed - 1ppl $1549, 2ppl $939,

    • Two double beds - 2ppl $1019, 3ppl $719

  • 2 BDRM condo (limited)

    • ​3ppl $899, 4ppl $769


All rates are per person, inclusive of all taxes and services

Proof of US citizenship – For travel to Canada, US citizens should have one of the following for proof of US citizenship:

1 Valid US passport, this is the only form of ID needed.
2 Non-US citizens should check with their country’s consulate for travel document requirements.


Cancellation – 
Group cancelled more than (35) days prior to arrival No charge!
Group cancelled or rooms released between (34) to (11) 50% of total lodging fees due days prior to arrival
Group cancelled or rooms released between (10) to (2)  100% of lodging fees due days prior to arrival
Group cancelled or rooms released less than (48) hours 100% of total estimated revenue prior to arrival, late arrivals, early departures, no shows
"No shows" will not be eligible for refund.

Mont Tremblant FORCE MAJEURE Winter 2020-2021

ADDENDUM To Authorization Form Contract FORCE MAJEURE Winter 2020-2021

Except as otherwise provided in this Section, failure of either party hereto to perform any of its obligations under this Agreement shall be suspended to the extent such failure is caused by a Force Majeure Event affecting such party, and such failure will not be deemed a breach (partial or otherwise) of this Agreement or subject the affected party to any liability in connection therewith, provided that (i) the affected party gives prompt notice thereof to the other party, (ii) the affected party acts with reasonable diligence to remedy the situation, to the extent practicable, and (iii) the suspension shall be of no greater scope and of no longer duration than that required by the Force Majeure Event. As used herein, a “Force Majeure Event” is an event or occurrence beyond the reasonable control of the affected party and without its fault or negligence, and which could not have been avoided or overcome by due diligence and use of reasonable efforts. A Force Majeure Event may include, by way of example only, flood, tornado, hurricane, other unusually severe storm, lightning, earthquake, explosion, fire, riot, acts of the public enemy, civil disturbance, natural disasters, impact of war or mobilization, sabotage, power outages or actions by any governmental authority (whether valid or invalid), including court order and other similar types of events. Changes in general economic conditions such as inflation, interest rates, economic downturn or other factors of general application, or events that merely render performance more difficult or expensive, do not constitute a Force Majeure Event. An epidemic or pandemic constitutes a Force Majeure Event only to the extent that either (1) a government authority with jurisdiction over the Hotel has issued a formal notice or warning to avoid non-essential travel during the dates in question to areas within 60 miles (100 kilometers) of the Hotel, or (2) a government authority with jurisdiction over the guest has issued a mandatory quarantine, shelter-at-home order or other such decree that legally prohibits the guest from traveling to the Hotel. If a Force Majeure Event limits but does not substantially eliminate the affected party’s ability to fulfill the booking(s) under this Agreement, the booking will proceed on a limited basis and the parties will work in good faith to modify the scope and cost of the booking accordingly. If a Force Majeure Event substantially eliminates the affected party’s ability to fulfill the booking(s) under this Agreement, including where the Hotel has decided to close to the public, the Hotel may postpone the booking(s), in which case the Group will receive a credit for all amounts paid and the parties will work in good faith to reschedule the booking(s). Should a reasonable number of alternative dates be available, and the Group refuses to reschedule, the Group will be required to pay the Hotel’s cancellation fee. 

Parking fees for Tremblant -
Be advised that there will be a parking fee of $10 per day per vehicle including taxes and fees for the indoor parking at Tremblant.  Free parking is available at the large lots at the base


Watch for more information to come via newsletter or updates on this page website.



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