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     Mogul Meister Ski and Snowboard Club
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Send check to:

     Mogul Meister Ski and Snowboard Club
     P.O. Box 285
     White Plains, N.Y. 10602


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The MOGUL MEISTER SKI AND SNOWBOARD CLUB of Westchester County, Inc., AKA MMSSC is a not-for-profit public organization.   Participation in the MMSSC activities is VOLUNTARY. I fully understand that Club activities may involve risk of serious bodily injuries and I accept and assume all such risks and all responsibility for losses, costs, and damages I incur as a result of my participation.  I agree to hold harmless the MMSSC, its directors and agents from any liability whatsoever including any arising out of their negligence or carelessness, resulting from my participation in any and all Club - sponsored or related activities. I understand that membership dues are non-refundable.  I understand that my continuing membership is at the discretion of the Board of Directors according to any approved MMSSC policies.

I understand that, if I sign up for a club trip without a roommate, the trip leader will try to match me with a compatible roommate of the same gender when possible.  If I sign up after 30 days from trip-opening, I may be required to pay a single supplement if no roommate is available and/or when no multiple-occupancy room is available.  I understand that MMSSC wants all trip participants to have the best possible experience, including a comfortable rooming situation and a good night’s sleep. I will notify my MMSSC trip leader or a club officer, at the time of trip sign up, of any medical or behavioral issue(s) I have that could impact room sharing. I understand that I may be asked to supply my own roommate or pay the supplement for a single room if there is no compatible roommate available. 

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